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Compare and Contrast Topics

Compare and Contrast Essays – From Topic to Finished Product

Comparing and contrasting is considered to be an important critical thinking skill and, therefore instructors assign these types of essays frequently. Beginning in elementary school, students will be asked to compare and contrast simple objects – perhaps and apple and an orange, or a dog and a cat. The goal is to get students to a proficient level of comparing and contrasting, so that the learning transfers into their real-world lives and they can make good decisions as adults.

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By high school comparison/contrast essays address more complex and sometimes abstract concepts. Thus, a student may be asked to compare and contrast capitalism and socialism. At the university level, these types of essays often require significant research as well. Even in the sciences at graduate levels, a student’s research must be compared and contrasted with that of others before him/her, when producing a scholarly lab report or a thesis.  

Often, a graphic organizer assists in the ultimate of written essays of comparison/contrast. Some students create charts; others create Venn diagrams, so that they have a “picture” of similarities and differences.

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The difficulty is usually experienced as students sit down to write the actual essay, and they often come to us and say, “Help me write my essay.” Organizing the structure of the essay is troubling, and students often need an expert writer to take the information and use an acceptable format for its presentation.

A custom essay service can be of invaluable help, as students learn how to prepare such essays.

  1. They can buy already written essays on topics of their choosing and thus have models for writing their own. These databases of written essays online are usually sold for a cheap price, and they can prove quite beneficial;
  2. Originally and uniquely written essays online can be ordered from a service that employs content-field specialists. Student simply place an order, upload the details of the assignments, provide resource material if appropriate, and allow an expert to create the perfect essay. These essays can also be valuable tools, for not only does the student have a perfect piece to present to an instructor, but, if he carefully studies the delivered work, he is able to see how such an essay is constructed.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

As with all writing, your essay should engage the reader form the onset. A creative and attention-grabbing introduction will accomplish this. And don’t be afraid to use some humor. You can get some great ideas reading already written essays that have been published by popular authors.

Organizational Formats

There are several formats that may be used in the writing of a comparison/contrast essay. Let’s return for a moment to the apple and orange of elementary years. Once you have completed your Venn diagram, you will see that there are areas of commonality – both are round; both are fruits; both have nutrients that our body needs. Outside of the intersecting area are the differences. Certainly the colors are different; one has a thin skin that is edible; the other has a thicker skin that most people do not eat raw; oranges have certain vitamins (predominantly “C”), and apples have others (e.g. “A”). Your outline will determine the format for the essay. Beyond the introduction, you may have only two body paragraphs. The first paragraph might cover the similarities, and the second will address the differences. Another common format is to take each characteristic and address that characteristic with both items, in sequential order. 

The purpose of the conclusion for this type of essay will wrap up. Are they more alike or more different? For complex and abstract topics, a conclusion may also contain a personal reflection. Comparing and contrasting capitalism and socialism, for example, may lead you to the conclusion that one is preferable or that a combination of the two will actually work better for a contemporary society.

If You Struggle…

Do not stress if you are struggling with such an essay. There is plenty of online writing assistance available, and from topic selection through the final product, you can find as little or as much help as you need!

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