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An Event to Remember: the Genocide essay

The morning of the 1st of March, 1994, started like any other. The sun rose shining its golden rays from the east. I could clearly see the outside through the gaping holes in my curtain. Even though it was eight o’clock in the morning, most of the village populace was still in their houses ...

An Experience of Frustration and Anger essay

I have never been as frustrated as I was when my business experienced a loss. I started a business in partnership with some friends early this year. The prospects of the business were so good and bright. I was so determined to make a kill from the business. Even though I had to do a lot of ...

Bishop Square essay

Bishop Square is a four square dynamic place situated at the center of my brother’s prestigious university.  I love open serene places, where I can feel a gently breeze and the radiant rays of the sun gleefully striking the earth and warming my skin just enough to give a brilliant ...

Business in USC essay

I plan to study Business in USC because I want to be an entrepreneur that would run his own company. When I was 8 years old, I started thinking about who I wanted to be. My parents had several stylish outerwear stores in the city, and I was always interested in what they were doing there. I did not ...

Facing Adversity essay

Facing adversity has always been a story of overcoming a big obstacle that has blocked someone from being successful. The power of words is important in communication, forming relationships and becoming a success.  Adversity can strike anybody, but learning to deal with those problems and ...

Leadership essay

An individual's life is composed of several lessons learned through experiences and interactions with other people within one’s environment. These experiences and skills come through interactions among several people in different environments. An individual will certainly gain skills and ...

Lemonade Day Primary essay

Lemonade Day is a national holiday in the USA. For the first time it was held in Texas in 2007. In a few years the number of participants grew from 3000 to 150 000. Lemonade Day gives a great opportunity for children to learn the basic skills of entrepreneurship. America was created due to ...

Metacognitive essay

To take the topic of oil spill control was not easy, as I had little idea of what to expect. Initially, I thought most of what did would involve much research on chemical inventions that could control oil spill. However, there are many other skills learnt in the course of this research. Critical ...

My Upbringing essay

During the years of my upbringing, in a small town in the Philippines, I can recall some of the hardships my family was occasionally forced to endure, as there was no immediate access to health care facilities. My parents had to travel for four hours in order for my sister and me to see a doctor ...

Professional Goals and MBA Degree essay

Introduction I have always known Masters of Business Administration (MBA) as one of the most popular and essential courses to would be managers of business. This is because as a course, it exposes the upcoming managers to a number of business administration programs. Since the course cuts across ...

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