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Thesis Statement Writing

 A thesis statement for any written work is a declaration of the purpose for the piece of writing you have created. Sometimes, particularly for a small non-researched essay, it is a brief introductory statement and perhaps a position. For a major research work, the thesis statement generally includes a hypothesis which will be addressed and proved or disproved through the research that is to be presented. A thesis statement may be categorized in the following ways:

Cause/Effect: Such a thesis statement shows a specific and direct correlation between two or more things. For example, one might declare that lack of good nutrition leads to poorer performance in school on the part of children; or one may state that chronic lack of sleep results in impaired thought processes.

Solutions: Usually, this type of thesis statement relates to positing a method or methods by which a problem may be resolved. An example might be as follows: Reducing marijuana possession and its use would reduce the current human and financial toll.

Future Impact: If we do not curb carbon emissions on a systematic and regular basis, humans will face an increasing incidence of serious illnesses. The paper itself would then use the research of scientist and medical professionals to support this future consequence.

Reporting of New Information: Often, this type of thesis is used to inform the reader of some new research or disclosure that has been recently published and that sheds light on an issue, a condition or situation. Research related to genetic mapping for propensity for cancer might fall into this category, as would the recent revelations regarding NSA activities of phone tapping.

While this is not a complete and detailed listing of all possible thesis statements, it will at least give the student ideas as s/he attempts to determine the focus for a research paper. Constructing the paper, however, is quite something else. Students do struggle with their research paper writing, and it is reasonable for them to use an online custom essay and paper service to help them create customized research paper works that will relieve their cumbersome work load.

Using a customized term papers writing company can assist in several ways:

  1. Students can get help selecting topics and preparing thesis statements for customized papers.
  2. Use of a customs paper service may bring the student the research that he/she simply does not have time to conduct at a given point in time.
  3. Original customized papers created by a highly qualified academic writer can serve as a great model for a student who ultimately wishes to become proficient in his/her own research field and gain advanced writing skills.
  4. Students can buy research papers at a cheap price, and these can be used to point them in the right direction for research on a specific topic.

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