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Write Standard Essay Format

How to apply different formats such as APA and MLA writing

Essays are named thus because they follow some fundamental formatting rules. Hence, anyone writing an essay needs to understand and adhere to a standard writing format. Many tutors would say the format is of equal importance to an essay’s content. Quite frequently, students are required to apply such formatting styles as APA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, MLA and others to their custom assignments. The format of an essay determines its overall organization and structure. Additionally, the standard format of a custom paper, such as MLA format papers, determines how the cover page, ToC (Table of Contents), introduction, main paragraphs, sub-paragraphs, conclusion paragraph and appendices are set out.  

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Basic essay formatting standards 

Generally speaking, all essays should consist of an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs comprising of anything from three to twenty key points, and a conclusion paragraph as a basic formatting structure. While the essay type determines whether the body part should be short or long, you should aim for at least three key points. In a standard essay format, the introductory paragraph should inform the reader what the subject matter of the work is all about. The writer should also let their readers know how the paper is structured. This should be provided in a short description of the pivotal points or evidence you are offering in support of your thesis statement, which should be the final sentence of your introductory paragraph. The purpose of a thesis statement is to set out coherently the main points or arguments you are going to put forward and prove in the course of your custom paper.          

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The body parts of an essay

In any essay, whether you are using an APA or MLA writing style, the body parts should clearly follow the prescribed format for that type of essay. The body is made up of every section that falls between your introductory and conclusion paragraphs. In the body, each one of your main points should have its own paragraph. Some experts suggest that, in order to maintain interest, you should save the most significant points or facts to the end. You should start each body paragraph by introducing the point you want to make and follow it up with a detailed explanation, examples or evidence. You should end each body paragraph by linking that point to the essay’s main argument or thesis.       

Concluding your essay

The concluding paragraph of an essay, whether you use professional English writing services or write your own, should re-iterate the essay’s thesis. Throughout, you should endeavour to prove your thesis using the key points in your body paragraphs.    

When following a standard format, no matter if you are using APA, Chicago or the MLA writing style, there are several other factors to take into account. For instance, try to use white paper of high quality and only write on one side. Use a page margin that fits the citation style you are using. If your tutor instructs it, use a title or cover page. If they provide specific guidelines on how the title page should be laid out, you should use those or, if not, you can place the title in the upper portion of the page and leave the middle of the page blank. Place your tutor’s name and the date of the assignment in the lower portion of the page. Where page numbering is concerned, a good recommendation is to put this in the top right-hand corner of every page with your surname preceding the number and don’t use a period at the end. Use double line spacing throughout so that your tutor can put comments. Leave one space between each word but separate sentences with two spaces. Don’t leave spaces before punctuation marks. If you are using the titles of books, movies, plays or novels, these should be placed in quotation marks and underlined. And, remember, if you decide to buy the papers you need from an online source, the service provider you ask to “write my academic paper” should also use these basic formatting standards.

How to make your APA or MLA writing easier to read

Use capitalization sparingly and only when necessary and, in the title, only capitalize the first letter of every word. Use a table of contents if your paper is a lengthy one so that it is easier to read. And it should follow the convention of introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, references, and so on. A simple full stop will do to end your essay; you don’t need any special effects.

And, remember, if you need help, there are plenty online sources offering writing assistance at a reasonably cheap or certainly reasonable price.     

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