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Writing Dissertation Proposal

Writing an academic paper such as a dissertation

Writing a custom paper, for example, a dissertation proposal is intended to set out and provide a summary of an individual’s research objectives in terms of the project type and the methods and resources that will be used. In fact, as far as academic research papers are concerned, the proposal is the first stage of writing a dissertation. It clarifies the purposes and shows that a student is capable of proving their dissertation theory. And the clearer and more thorough the proposal, the more successful the final essay will be. Essentially, the proposal can be likened to the foundation stone and a means of helping the writer to follow on smoothly, and it may also be helpful to seek a tutor’s advice on the best way forward. The primary objective of a dissertation or research proposal is to convince an authorizing panel that you have done sufficient research to address their questions and produce a worthwhile academic paper. In the entire dissertation writing process, crafting the proposal is probably the hardest part, so the student should prepare this part carefully because it can bring many rewards and make the overall project easier. A dissertation is a type of custom work that shows a student is capable of obtaining a degree and, in light of this, it is of great importance. There are three key sections to a dissertation proposal starting with a cohesive statement explaining the background to the project or the problem that is to be addressed. Then it should describe the methods and research sources that are to be used.             

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Tips for writing an academic paper like a dissertation or research proposal

No doubt, a student can feel daunted at the prospect of writing a dissertation or research proposal. However, here we offer some good tips to help you write a better paper.  

When you have applied enough thought to your research and have brainstormed enough, you should be ready to start on your proposal. You should familiarize yourself with any research that has already been done in this field and you should plan the research activities you will need to undertake.

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You will also need to ensure you have sufficient research material, evidence and examples to help you through each stage.   

Your thought process and research materials should give you the confidence to tackle your academic papers successfully and you should ensure you have all the data you need to hand before you start writing.   

When these steps are complete, you can begin writing your proposal.   

Writing your dissertation proposal

When you are ready to start writing your academic paper, you should bear the following steps in mind:

If this is the first time you have tackled a research proposal, you may not know how such a paper should be presented. If this is the case, then try and locate a few example papers online, which you can usually buy at a price that is reasonably cheap, and use them as a model for your own work. It may help to include a thorough literature review because this can reassure yourself and your audience that you are about to embark on the right research project and that you are going to use the most appropriate methods. It is also a good idea to keep copies of any relevant or important information you uncover during your research so that you can use these at a future stage for reference and/or you may want to use them in your bibliography. In setting out the problem you are going to address and when presenting your arguments or describing the methods you are using, you need to be fairly specific because topics that are too broad-ranging can waste your time and bring you no results. You will need to give your proposal a title based on significant keywords relating to your research. This will help your readership understand what your work is about and it will help other researchers easily locate your work in the future.    

Describing your methods in an essay or proposal

Any research methods you select are vital when examining the results of your findings. For example, a quantitative work is clear, easy and succinct. In contrast, a qualitative work can absorb a lot of time and lead you into several new areas. It is not a good idea to use a combination of methods since different methods can give you conflicting results. Another thing to consider is the area of your research because location can influence how much control you have over your project.

Essentially, you need to ensure you do plenty groundwork because this can show a decision-making panel that you are committed and should help with the development of your project.   

If you find you are struggling with any proposals or essay papers, you can always check out our academic essays buy service.    

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